Numbers 6: 24-26

The Lord bless you, and keep you; The Lord make His face shine on you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance on you, And give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sepulcher Mountain

This is a repeat hike from last year, and it was just as spectacular. The forecast was for highs in the 50's which translates to really chilly at the peak. Oh, and rain, lots of it.

The first 2 miles looks similar to this. It's just an undulating terrain that eats up your initial energy to get up to the mountain trail.

Some of these pictures are from Bob's blue tinted lens and the others are iPhone. There was a black bear climbing the hill in front of us along the path. You don't realize how fast a bear can run and climb until you see it personally.

Despite the forecast, we decided to not back down and Kathy Haines, a volunteer in the Yellowstone Association store, who has never been able to tag along on this hike in 5 years, came with us.

We crossed paths with a foresome who were coming off the back country after 4 days/nights. They had just seen a moose on a spur trail and showed us the pictures so we went off on a chase to find it about 1/2 mile. These 2 deer are all we found.

This year we got on the trail at 9:00am, a good 2 hours earlier than last year. To do the entire loop is 12 miles, with over 4 of that straight up the switch backs.

Here Kathy is demonstrating the art of removing clothing because it didn't rain and the sun came out! We were thrilled.

The color in the Aspen, Willow, Birch and various trees is stunning this time of year.

 We are getting higher now and seeing the wonderful landscapes surrounding this mountain.

 The mountain bluebird is plentiful out here and we stood for several minutes watching a pair fly from branch to branch.

The peak in the far left is Bunsen Peak which we hiked in the first week after arriving here. It is a killer hike and looks sooo little now.

We are at the top and that is Electric Peak behind us. That is one we have no desire to hike. We can also see Electric from our cabins.

Some of the beautiful vistas from the top.

Kathy and I had sore backs by now so a little rest as we gaze on the landscape was wonderful.

Sepulcher Mountain is named because the craggy rocks on the peak resemble grave markers. :)

On the way up we passed the area where a pack of wolves have their den. All we saw was the scat, which is fine.

Last year there were 3 mountain goats on the trail that we had to pass. Bob got some awesome pictures of them. This year we spotted them along the mountain ridges. Why they want to climb like this is beyond anything sensible I can come up with!

On the climb down we passed through field after field of downed trees. These are primarily from the devastating fire of 1988. In the non-humid climate, this wood stays solid for years as this is testament to.

This is a lovely little pond/lake that we never even saw last year because it was so late when we descended the mountain.

Soo, the rain is coming and we are booking it down the mountain as quickly as possible now.

Here's Bob leading the charge up across the field on our assent. I'm just too tired to move this picture up where it should be. Sorry.

And for all intents and purposes, we are down. Only about 2 miles to go to the truck. This is the point where I tell Bob...enough with the pictures, ha!

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